Green Cloud Fist Fury

You are the Legendary Green Cloud. The Raging Sun has come to Scotch the Planet. Save your good friend, Ms. Flower with amazing “cool” powers by cooling down the attackers and extinguishing the Raging Sun!

You live as the Legendary Green Cloud…. You battle your way through stages of enemies from: The Garden - The Highway – The Mall – The Dumpster Kindgom – The Office - Outer Space… on a search to save your friend Ms. Flower… who has been kidnapped by the Raging Sun and his minions!
During your quest you will fight battles with level Bosses of the Raging Sun: Sun's Pet Lion - Evil Smog Cloud - Pollution Man - Acid Rain Man - Radiation Man.

You will fight your way through 6 levels of intense and fun battles with enemies and level Bosses. The enemies you battle increase in strength and complexity as you continue to fight. You are equipped with cooling down powers: Water Attack and Special Water Attack (3 Attacks). It’s always important to stay cool… so Click on the Legendary Green Cloud…. to be Cool again!

Rewards show up after destroying enemies through the game. These give the Legendary Green Cloud:
Health: Adds Extra Health to the Legendary Green Cloud
Score: Adds Points to your Score
Ammo: Adds Multi-Fire and Multi-Directional Fire of Water Attack
Life: Adds Extra Life to Legendary Green Cloud

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